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SUCCESS workshop

The whole SUCCESS team met for the first time this week in Bergen to discuss the next five years and the goal for the project. And we are safe to say that it was definitely a success!

We had the pleasure of including the wonderful and brilliant Professor Amy G. Mazur from Washington State University. She presented her new book, Gender Equality and Policy Implementation in the Corporate World: Making Democracy Work in Business, and gave us a thorough and insightful explanation of their methods of case-selection, which will be highly valuable for our process going forward. We highly recommend checking out Amy's work on gender and politics, and if you are reading one non-fiction book this summer, this is a must!

We discussed case-selection, theory, ethics, methods, and how to survive the next four years in this rainy city. Luckily Bergen behaved this week, and we had wonderful weather for the full three days. After each workshop, we went out to eat at Bergen's most authentic restaurants where one was located inside the UNESCO's world heritage, Bryggen. Yes, we made sure the visitors had both fish and brunost!

As people who do not see the sun too often, we had to plan a day outside as well! The last day we took a trip to the fjords of Hardanger. We went for a hike, tried Hardanger's famous apple cider, and went for a swim in the fjords. The soon to be office dog, Togo, was of course invited as well. Who said you can't be productive and discuss round tables, panels, ethics and methodological approaches in beautiful surroundings?

We are excited for the next five years, and are happy to be working with such nice and intelligent people. If these academics together is not a recipe for success, we do not know what is.


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